I'm Nathan!

From Consultant, to UX Writer.


I graduated from The George Washington University with a degree in finance. Then moved to the Big 🍎 (NYC) to work for PwC as a regulatory transformation consultant. 


After 2 years of serving clients from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, I resigned. Swapping my side hustle for my full-time and immersing myself fully in the world of design & writing.


Today, I’m the co-founder of Capo Agency — a multi-disciplinary design agency — where I help users seamlessly achieve their goals through well-written UX copy coupled with great design. 


With an "unconventional  background", what connects everything I’ve done is my desire to solve big problems, tell important stories, and improve the lives of others.
Designing user experiences is a perfect vehicle to do all three, and the design discipline where I'm the most effective and can make the most impact based on my skillset and interest is UX Writing.